Chieftain MK6 in Blitz!

Now I am not one to fan girl at a lot of things…but this for me is a big deal!

I went to Minsk last year and the first major question on the tip of my tongue when I met the Blitz devs was simply…”Is the Chieftain Mk6 coming to blitz?”

The answer was a yes with a smirk! That may have been one of the highlights of my trip to Minsk. I adore this tank and it is a British tanking icon! The Wot Blitz Team confirmed we can expect the Chieftain mk6 this year and they have now released the first pictures of the Chieftain Mk6 in the blitz test grounds!

Needless to say she is a thing of beauty! Although it is not confirmed if she will come with a whole new line or just head up the Tier X British Heavy line as an addition or replacement to the FV215B.  As someone who has been looking forward to this hitting blitz for a long time I already have enough XP sitting in my Tier 9 British Conqueror ready just in case. EDIT:  Wargaming have stated that this may not even hit the tech tree at all, it has not been decided if this tank will go in the Tech tree or if it will become an event tank! 😦

The Chieftain Mk6 is a more logical progression route from the Conqueror, the play style is very similar with a fairly weak hull all around and usually any hits to the hull will result in module damage. Get one of these things hull down using the fantastic gun depression and the turret and upper plate will be monstrously tough to penetrate. Combine that with a fast firing 120mm gun and I am one happy tanker! I desperately hope it comes into the game with the characteristics we all know, love and expect of the Chieftain mk6! Please don’t screw it up 😀





2 thoughts on “Chieftain MK6 in Blitz!

  1. It will be premium. No doubts about that. Probably in containers for 10 euro each. Or event like KPZ-70 which will mean only the tryhards will get it. Basically said the NORMAL players wont be qble to obtain it or ever drive it.


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