Why I don’t do Patreon? New Hardware Fund

Why I don’t do Patreon?

I have been asked this question a lot recently, so first of let me say thank you to those who have asked me this question. You have no idea how much I appreciate you wanting to show support for my content! It is a very humbling and strange situation for me for people to want to support my content in such a way.

The fact for me however is I work full time and I make the content as a hobby so to accept a regular monthly commitment from someone as income would make me feel wrong as I already have a regular monthly income I work 40 – 50 hours a week for. This is the simple reason why I do not have a Patreon page and I hugely appreciate the offers and massive respect to those who have offered such commitments to me. Also to clarify I have no issue with anyone who does do Patreon either making content part time or especially full time. I have tremendous respect to those who have made a full time living out of the content we love to produce and enjoy sharing with the community.

Those who tuned into my live stream this weekend will know my PC decided to eat itself. My PC is old now so has been pushing it to produce certain content. After yesterdays post a bunch of you have contacted me asking if you can contribute something to help fund a new set up so I can start producing content again quickly and in better quality. I am so grateful for those offers to help with replacing the hardware that is needed to make the content and stream it successfully. Unfortunately I can’t afford to do that straight away on my own.

New Hardware Fund

So in the these circumstances although I won’t do Patreon for the regular monthly commitment, I would actually hugely appreciate the help on this one off hardware project. So for those who have asked or want to make a contribution to my content, you can do so via https://streamlabs.com/sk8xtrm Any contribution will be put directly and only towards the new PC fund for content production!

May I just confirm that contributions are voluntary, I do not want anyone to feel obliged to contribute anything to my content. I thoroughly enjoy making my content and contributing to this community and will continue to do so ASAP.

Once we are back up and running on a capable spec set up I will be pushing to produce more content and in better quality. Regular live streams is something I have wanted to do for a while now so once we are back in action I will be doing live streams at least once a week. Aside from offering my humble thanks and appreciation to any contribution I will make sure anyone who has contributed has first dibs in platoons on the first few live streams we do on the new set up.


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