Armored Warfare Assault: First Impressions

I have been asked a lot since yesterdays post what is AWA like to play. My initial thoughts are broken down below, I will draw comparisons to World of Tanks Blitz because that is my main forte, the game I enjoy the most and obviously the title AWA will have to live up to.


The actual gameplay is incredibly different to what I expected and I do mean very different. I was apprehensive about the respawn mechanics and how it would be implemented. After playing for several hours I can say the gameplay is a whole load of fun with the respawn mechanics. The best explanation to describe the gameplay is Call of Duty Black Ops online multiplayer style except your in a tank or armored vehicle with various armor mechanics, Module damage, Penetration Mechanics and ricochets.

The objective is for a team to hit 800 points first, to do that you can either capture any of the 3 bases or via killing the enemy tanks to accrue points. When your tank is blown up you are thrown to a respawn screen. You can pick any of your equal tier tanks or even the same tank, pick a base you have captured to respawn back to and away you go again. Even though the gameplay is completely different to what I expected I can honestly say I have really enjoyed this gameplay. Although there is an array of mechanics its not serious it is sheer fun.

Tank Movement

As you accelerate the tank leans back and starts to move forward. Slam the anchors and the tank rocks heavily forward, this part of it looks great and feels great, its very realistic for a mobile game. The tank wont stop straight away when you let of the accelerator so you need to allow slow down time or hit reverse to stop quicker.

Turning a tank on the other hand I feel is an absolute chore, The controls for this I think need improvement. If you look at the screen shot below for the tank movement control you will see that left and right have a turn arrow next to them. If you are accelerating full speed then you need to turn. You can only turn on small increments left and right, if you want to turn sharper you naturally move your finger further left or right, as soon as you hit these direct left and right areas with the controls your tank stops accelerating and starts to slow down very quickly to turn. Trying to correct this makes the tank jolt in an awkward way, usually when a enemy gun is pointing at you. So instead of avoiding or attempting to avoid you just end up sitting your tank sideways to incoming fire. I respect that they have tried to make the tank movement as realistic as possible on a mobile game but this awkward turn control on full left and right needs to be removed from the control button to stop this happening. It does not feel fluid, smooth or comfortable.



When I read the game was run on Unreal Engine I had really high hopes for the graphics and they do indeed have huge potential. The vehicle models look very tasty, especially when you unlock the specific camo’s but in general I feel they need polishing and tweaking. I feel important details have been missed out, Dust trails from the tracks, smoke from exhausts, water splashes as you drive through etc. All small but invaluable details that would really polish the game. This next one may seem petty but it drove me mad, the metal tow cables attached to my newly acquired Leopard 1 twinkle and sparkle like they have glitter on them? The effect they were going for is obviously the unpainted metal catching sun light however in reality it looks glittery, this actually frustrated me as I just wanted it to stop, I don’t want my tow cables to sparkle, I want worn metal.


The maps are a very respectable size and look really nice, especially the snowy areas, roads and area’s with large amounts of vegetation however other areas like shop front windows and pools of water look a little cheap. Some things like rocks you cannot drive over cause sparks when you come into collision with them, I don’t mind the sparks but the screeching noise effect is horrible.


I will go into this in further depth on this in the video however it is very easy to navigate and understand. its amazing just how many huge rewards you can access at every stage and every step. Just one example of this is the daily log in reward, day 1 I received 100 gold and this morning I logged in to take a few screen shots and my reward for day 2 was a tier 2 premium tank. Making a tank elite is not done in one fell swoop with a huge lump to upgrade only one area of a tank and it is build up gradually after each few games. Your Xp is built up in a tank within levels. My Leopard 1 for example had 13 levels of XP upgrade and after a couple of games I would unlock a new level within the tank and access three different choices of upgrade or equipment to put on my Leo. Once your tank is elite you are then provided 3 different challenges to gain extra rewards and a special camo (examples include killing 3 tanks within 2 minutes of the game, set fire to 4 tanks). I love the fact you don’t pay for the camo, you earn the camo then you wear it in battle to signify you have earned that camo by playing you tank enough to fully mastering it.

Another nice feature is the tank tier system. You do not have to go up one line only, you go up the 7 tank tiers like levels. You can pick any tier 2 tank you want or as many tier 2 tanks as you want. Once you have unlocked Tier or Level 2 then you can select any Tier 3 tank you want. This is a great system and allows you diversity within your game as you do not just concentrate on one tank class, you pick whichever you want or several at once. I have bought two tier 2 tanks so at respawn I can change my tank and go back in with a different class I feel is more beneficial to the game at that point in time. There are 4 classes in the game which are Heavy, Sniper, Support and Assault.

One final huge note I know many players will love, did I mention the record button? Yup, you can hit record, then hit battle. When the battle ends you can hit stop recording in the battle. It will show the recording for you in an MP4 format and give you the option to cancel or save the recording to your camera roll. Such a simple feature that I know many players will love. Below is a super quick clip showing how easy it is to record with this game, the tank in the video is the first tank you will access when you play the game, the M41 Walker Bulldog! (Click the HD button on the below video to see the proper quality as it seems to default to SD)

In summary this game is a right laugh, the action is none stop. You can have a great game and you don’t need to just watch as your hard work goes to waste, you can respawn and dive back in. There will be a learning curve for new players to work out where can and cannot penetrate other tanks, which ammo is best to use, how to angle correctly but at the lower tiers its not an issue but the higher the tier you go the more important these become.  It is effectively an arcade style third person shooter but with technical armour, modules and firing mechanics built in. The game is in need of a good polish and improvements in areas mentioned which on times can detract from the gameplay.
I like the challenge Wot Blitz provides, the all or nothing of once your blown up your blown up type gameplay leading to a very challenging game style. A one vs three situation or those crazy games that leave your hands shaking a little or sweaty palms from nerves while chanting don’t die, don’t die, don’t die. AWA cannot provide this sort of gameplay due to the respawn which is in itself a pro and a con. AWA still provides us with that competitive urge especially when you get a kill spree with 6 kills upwards without respawning but this is not on the same level as Blitz. The fun however is endless, it feels just that little bit more relaxed than blitz which just like the respawn is a pro and a con. I thought this would be a direct competitor for blitz when I first heard about it however it appeals to me for very different reasons.

9 thoughts on “Armored Warfare Assault: First Impressions

  1. Can’t wait lI’ve wot blitz and now wows blitz and I did try this game on pc liked it but computer blows lol soo it’s cool that this will come out looking forward to it hope they take you words to heart


  2. Two aspects come to mind: AW completely self-destructed when completely screwed the development of AW on PC. I can see them doing the same thing to their mobile version. The other is that the DAVA engine at the core of Blitz is probably the most optimized game engine out there, and WG can tweak it to their needs. Based on their history of customer service, I have much less faith in Mail.RU than WG. I’ll certainly give AW a go when it’s released, but Blitz has a better technology base to run on.


  3. Nice review my friend , can I ask some questions . Does the game have a time limit ? If you choose not to respawn then can you start a new game ?
    I hope you don’t get any crap from WG because of your reviews .


  4. There was another tank game called INFINITE TANKS by Atyical Games.. very similar gameplay – capture points, respawns. Too bad that developer doesn’t know how to support their games for the long haul. It was so much fun for a few months. I compared it just like you did here, it’s basically a run and gun COD but in a tank.. it is far less frustrating since you can continue to enter the game and carry the team of nubs. I will be looking forward to this for sure since I don’t play Blitz anymore. This one just sounds like fun and that is all I want from a game.


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