Armored Warfare Is Coming To Mobile!

For a small Youtube channel featuring mobile military machines with some other content occasionally thrown in. I get a surprising amount of e-mails asking if I would like to test, preview or get early access to a game coming to the App Store. To date none of these e-mails regards to other games games sent over are my cup of tea.

This week however an e-mail arrived with me that really caught my attention. The e-mail was from the publisher of a well known PC game called Armored Warfare. They are currently working on Armored Warfare Assault. Now this was a game I was very interesting in playing and reviewing. It is the first title I have seen that is going to hit an app store that has the potential to be competitive to World of Tanks Blitz, obviously this sparked my interested.

I can say they intent to go full release at the end of February 2018 so you wont have long to wait to try it for yourself. Armored Warfare Assault will be powered by Unreal Engine and on release will have 80 vehicles ready to go.

The gameplay features 8v8 PvP and here is the clincher, you have ability to respawn. This is something which instantly makes me think full blown arcade style game however this has the potential to provide some serious fast paced high adrenaline fuelled fun and does not necessarily mean the actual gameplay will be to arcade like. Also the idea of hunting down that enemy tank which just destroyed you sounds a slightly therapeutic. As it stands the jury is still out whether or not the respawn will make or break this.

More details and an early preview video to follow, stay tuned to the channel and this site to find out more. In the interim here are some screenshots to give you some idea of what to expect.


7 thoughts on “Armored Warfare Is Coming To Mobile!

  1. This game already looks fantastic! Will it compete with Blitz? I don’t know but with the very low moral of the playerbase, I think a lot of people will be trying this out. Can’t wait for the release to give this game a shot.


  2. Of course a competition if really needed for the blitz devs to keep their heads on ground and makes them to provided proper content. But if AWA fails….. anyways lets hope for the best.


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