Update 4.7 Balance Changes Sneak Peak

Update 4.6 is around the corner and I will provide in-depth details of all buffs and nerfs in update 4.6 in the next few days on this site but there is some early information released by WG to confirm some of the changes coming in Update 4.7.

FV4202 and Cent 7/1
Will have an alternative gun and the premium ammo will not be Heat, it will be the old premium HESH back. This Gun will provide the old 220 Pen back as it used to be.

Bat Chat
Receiving a buff, exact details of the buff have not been disclosed yet however it is confirmed that the Bat Chat will receive an intra clip reload buff.

Foch and Foch 155
Will receive a significant improvement to the armour on the range finder
The Side armour will be buffed

The IS-4 currently has a few weak spots on its side armour which will be improved

To receive a nerf but no information confirming what 😦

Radio turrets (These are the R2D2’s on the front) will receive an armour buff.

Glacial 112
The standard ammo will receive buffed penetration

Tiger I and Tiger P
Will be nerfed as the recent buff was excessive. Other heavies will be monitored for another month. After the heavies are reviewed the other tank categories will be reviewed.

Further changes

In the next few updates some modules will be removed  including unused unnecessary ineffective guns. The removal of such modules will involve an xp refund to the tanks in reference but not free xp.


11 thoughts on “Update 4.7 Balance Changes Sneak Peak

  1. Was clear that the tigers will resive a nerf because they were just totally op. On the same level as the Dracula and the Helsing


  2. Glad that I just finished grinding Tiger 1. I should have figured something was up I was over 50 percent in that tank. On the other hand I am sad because I just bought the Tiger 2. I guess I better start grinding that before the nerf.


  3. If they put hesh at 220 pen on cent and fv with calibrated shells that will be 242 pen… are they going to do a nerf to calibrated shells?


  4. Hey sk8, I’ve mentioned this before on our YouTube page, but I was wondering if it might be possible for me to write a few articles for your website. I am a fairly experienced player in WOTB, and WOWS, with some experience in WOT, WOWP, and WOWSB.


  5. What do they mean unused ineffective guns? Better not be removing T-34’s 76mm S-54. Of course it’s not totally ineffective but nobody will listen to me that it needs an RoF buff.


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