World of Warships Blitz Nation & Class Overview + Tips

This blog is aimed at helping those who have just started the game with some quick tips and pointers to get them going in the right direction. If you have never played before or never played Wows then the below will contain some quick basics to help get started.


First and foremost which nation do you choose first? All nations have different specialisations and characteristics. Here is a basic overview of what to expect from each nation.

American:  The US Navy has some of the most balanced ships with no particular
specializations. In general they have good guns and good survivability

Japanese: The Imperial Japanese Navy is an offensive oriented navy. This is characterised with their ships sporting the best torpedoes and heavy fire power mixed with good manoeuvrability

German: The German Navy or the Kreigsmarine focuses on armour. With some of the
strongest Armour Piercing rounds in the game and well designed armour layouts.
Often characterised with good guns, good armour and fast firing short ranged torpedoes

USSR: The Russian Navy or the Soviet Navy. Focuses on speed and guns. They have the
shortest ranged torpedoes. Often characterized with fast ships, and powerful guns that have a tendency to set fire to ships

Once you have picked your nation you need to pick what class of ship you wish to grind. Below is a basic overview of each class along with some quick tips to get you on your way.



  •  Stealthy assassins used to hunt big ships such as Battleships and Carriers
  •  Fast and manoeuvrable with very low health
  • Primarily uses torpedoes to deal damage. Torpedoes are hard for big ships to avoid.


  • Destroyers have the highest stealth rating. Often Battleships and Carriers cannot spot you from afar without the help of Cruisers
  • Don’t get too close to Battleships. Their secondary guns are fast firing, accurate and pack HE which will hurt….ALOT


  • Big slow ship with high health pool and heavy armour
  • Best used to take out Cruisers and Battleships
  • Uses guns to attack
  • Powerful long range guns
  • Quick firing secondary guns


  • Aim to hit the middle of a ship on the waterline.This is your best chance at doing a critical hit on a ship
  • Stay with cruisers for added defence against planes and destroyers


  • Jack of All Trades, well rounded ships
  • Decent armour, mobility and firepower
  • Good to hunt Destroyers due to fast firing guns and mobility
  • There are two cruiser variants. Ones that have primary and secondary guns and ones that have primary guns and torpedoes.


  •  Avoid Battleships, your weaponry is best suited to attack Destroyers and Cruisers
  • Stay near friendly battleships for protection and to aid the battleship against air attacks


  • Big slow ship with little to no armour
  • Provides air support
  • Uses Planes to attack
    Three plan types:
    ○ Fighters: used to fight other planes
    ○ Dive Bombers: High chance of starting fires
    ○ Torpedo Bombers: releases torpedoes
  • Unlimited range


  • Lookout for enemies who have recently put out a fire. Then order your dive bombers to light them up again!
  •  Fighters will patrol an assigned area or provide AA support to any targeted ship

Circle of life

The three main classes counter each other perfectly

Destroyers counter Battleships
Battleships counter Cruisers
Cruisers counter Destroyers

Carriers play an overall support role

For some more in-depth info feel free to check out the Wows Blitz Video section of this site.



4 thoughts on “World of Warships Blitz Nation & Class Overview + Tips

  1. I feel like battleships are often downplayed in favor of other classes, but battleships are quite often the deciding factor in most battles.

    Battleship quote:
    “Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!”

    Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870)


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