World of Warships Blitz Release Confirmed – Get your FREE Ship!

World of Warships Blitz is being released, its going global. On the 18th January 2018 the game will be available for all to play. You can finally play with that battleship in your pocket in public without getting in any trouble!

The simply short description of Wows Blitz is that just like World of Tanks Blitz it is a shorter, quicker and faster paced version of its bigger brother World of Warships except you can play Wows blitz on the move, on a tablet or phone and on the move.

Its the major attraction of the Blitz variant of the games to me, you can play them on the move, on a work break and I enjoy being able to relax on the sofa in the lounge with the family around while still managing to sink the Yamato! It is convenient and allows me to play the games we enjoy without the need to boot my PC, you don’t even need to sit in a chair!

If you have never played Wows before then check out the Wows Blitz video section of this website for a beginners guide to the game along with a first look at the game when it first went to soft launch.


Finally and most important, who wants a free ship? Everyone does surely!

Well get over to:

Enter your e-mail address and when the game goes live you will receive the Aurora via e-mail link. The Aurora is a Tier 3 Soviet Cruiser boasting longer range guns than its competitors at the same tier, couple that with the large amount of guns it has on each broadside and your laughing! If after that you still need more incentive to snap up a free ship then it also has a good armour. The backhand to all that armour and guns however is the ship has below average mobility!

See you on the Seas,



2 thoughts on “World of Warships Blitz Release Confirmed – Get your FREE Ship!

  1. For some reason when I enter my email address it will only recognise my NA server account. But I wanted to register my Asia server account which is my home account and the one I want to play on. Not sure what’s going on there and there is NO support for WoWS Blitz in the Asia region right now. So it looks like I am going to miss out on this opportunity to get the free prem ship. That’s an auspicious start to the game…


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