Apple lay down the law on loot boxes!

Unless you live under a rock in the gaming community then you are already well aware of the EA loot boxes fiasco. Loot boxes are not restricted to just EA games and they are huge in the mobile gaming world. The difference being that EA is one of the biggest game developers around. So when they are targetted, it brings much more light and coverage to the topic.

A few weeks down the line from all this and Apple have decided to change the App Store Review Guidelines which now specify:

“Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

What does this mean for players? Going forward, all games downloaded in the app store must divulge the odds of receiving a certain item from the box. Being realistic this will not happen over night and apple would not expect developers to add this information straight away, In contract law grace periods and notice periods are required. This being the case I highly doubt this will have any impact on Blitz Fair coming to World of Tanks Blitz however going forward we may see big changes, developers will be expected to disclose these figures.

The big question is what real difference will this actually make? Once or twice a month I will pick myself up a National Lottery scratch card. The law specifies all these card needs to tell you the odds of getting each prize, I don’t read them, maybe I have once but that is about it. Players will still pick these boxes up for a quick risk, in this aspect it may deter a small amount but I do not personally think this is the end of “Loot boxes”.

What might change however is developers may be more keen to increase the percentage rate of a drop for the main prizes to make things more appealing to the players. For all we know the chance of a main prize being dropped could be 0.01% we just don’t know. Can you imagine any developer publishing that figure! It just would not happen, even 1% is a huge margin over 0.01.

As it stands I imagine most developers are cursing Apple right now but for once consumers are very happy with Apple strict policies!


11 thoughts on “Apple lay down the law on loot boxes!

  1. Perfectly reasonable position to hold IMO I think Apple has done us all a favour. No I can’t see it making a difference to this years Blitz Fair, but when you can see that you have to buy 1000 boxes for a 50% chance of picking up the one tank your looking for…. You’ll buy a bottle of Whiskey instead and toast Apple! 🙂 I have disliked this system since its inception, although I like the daily and weekly freebies we get in the game, I’d rather have a target to grind towards or even a lottery like the KPZ70 thingy tank, random chests like the last fair are just not fair!


  2. Hey sk8 hope you doing fine. May I know if wg will fix super pershing mantlet since they fix tier 10s? Or do they even know about people can shoot through it at the first place because they only knew about it when buskha made a video about it.


  3. Not just Apple. These boxes have a gambling aspect. Dutch gov. Is working on stricter legislature for this. WOTB could be in trouble in the Low Lands in th near future.


  4. This is good news for most as now, you can at least see the odds of getting something decent from a chest of any kind. Won’t increase the odds but, at least you will know whether it’s worth it or not


  5. I have to say that I wouldn’t have spent any money on the blitz fair following on from your video, I am now just hoping I get enough flags to get the max amount of spare parts. If WG had made it more possible to get one of the tanks I would almost certainly spent cash.

    Keep the vids coming 😁


  6. Finally, knowing the blitz fair is a complete rip-off, this will maybe wake wargaming up. This past year, the events have been quite crap in all honesty. Except the GuP one maybe. Nonetheless this new system of gambling Wargaming put in place showed how money hungry they are. Great Article Sk8!


  7. Don’t think it will be changing much.

    One of the people in our clans community got a response from WG basically claiming they don’t need to disclose anything as they don’t sell the boxes for money. They sell gold for money and you buy the boxes with gold. Nice little loophole if the customer service rep is right!


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