In Battle Chat and Radial Commands

This is a follow up to my “Lets talk Military Honor, does it work?” which I ended by saying I would resolve “provocative communication” by removing global and team chat so you cannot communicate with the teams via chat. This is a topic that divides players heavily so let me know what you think in the comments.

Wargaming have already tried this, in one patch it was deleted, there was uproar and then it was reinstated. Why would I mention this again if Wargaming have already tried it then backtracked and reinstated? Simply put, it was removed without anything else put in its place.

When it was previously removed the radial commands in the corners should have been updated. Have you seen radial command options that are available on console and they work perfectly. They have something for nearly all occasions including many tactical options (Follow me, Help, Left, Right, etc) and they also have social options (Thank you, Awesome, Good Game etc).  These could be implemented in Blitz in place of global chat with minimal complications. Most of the Blitz player base use touch screen which allows even quicker selection of radial options. In console there is no rage, no salt, no tears to distract you during a game. Granted, you still get the occasional rager in private messages but on a completely different scale to what you see in Blitz. If a move like this pushes more to rage in private chat who cares, in private chat you have that block button in private, you don’t in battle.

I think chat is pointless during the game. I like to say hello at the start of a battle if someone says hi to me and I do like to say GG to the enemy team if it was a good intense battle on a win or a loss. Aside from that, I don’t really reply to many messages during the battle. If someone talks to me from either team, I don’t usually reply during the battle as I am trying to play and not die. If you see me in game and I do not reply that would be the reason. I am not being ignorant and usually I will contact after game and say sorry for the lack of reply but when the reds are firing at you, you can’t really respond.

The most important part is that I cannot remember the last time I saw anything constructive in chat during the game. All I ever see is salt by the truck load! So much salt that our mighty overlord Jingles would think we Blitz players have been putting in overtime in the salt mines. My favourite is when you see someone yolo off and die in the first few seconds, after death there is a pause then as expect it starts in the chat without fail and sometimes it goes on the for the remainder of the battle. Although I find the above example slightly amusing and so predictable what does this actually do for the players in game? absolutely nothing positive! all it does is deter them from wanting to play the game, especially those who are learning and new to the game. I understand watching some players can be so frustrating sometimes, especially when you can see some glaringly obvious mistakes which will throw the game. The reality is that new players filling the ranks are the bread and butter of keeping a game going.

In reality, If it is removed and radial commands heavily improved the only thing we will loose out on is saying hello to enemies we know which is not the end of the world as we can say hello in chat after the battle. Is that much of a sacrifice to reduce the huge amounts of salt seen during battle?



9 thoughts on “In Battle Chat and Radial Commands

  1. Agreed, chat is still being abused… If the commands were better and as you say more flexible then, I don’t see a problem.. They could even have “hi” as an option.
    It might make playing pc (as I do) that much harder though as we’ll have less easy access buttons to play with.
    Good article too mate.


  2. I’m also on the fence. I enjoy seeing out an o7 or GG. I don’t enjoy the rage, salt, giving away of locations, kys, and all the other crap that comes along with it.

    As a player who plays on a laptop I find the radial commands cumbersome. It’s much easier to quickly hit “<<<>>>”. Personally (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I preferred having the dead muted.

    I think I’d like to see the dead muted, and global chat shut down after the 15 or 20 seconds of the match.


  3. I agree. If the quick commands are broadened and there are more to select from, chat is pointless. I think some of the new ones we would need would be a left, right, question mark, good game, and maybe an option that lets you say hello to a certain player. And, to anyone that objects, if you really do have to say something, that is what private chat is for.


  4. I can think of 15 or more radials I’d like, Left, Right, Ahead, Stop, Wait for the enemy, Behind You, No M6-THIS WAY! Thank you, Good Game, 2 left 5 right etc… I just can’t see the radials having the finesse needed to communicate properly. I agree flaming and salty rage is unhelpful, personally I find it amusing when the yolo queens and camping noobs get upset that the team didnt carry them all the way. What we should do is downvote them properly, and thats where MH fails, either you dont have enough votes, your team mates dont bother to vote etc…


  5. I heartily agree with all comments here, I have been raged at so many times on and off the battle field, I’ve lost count, block is a great function. I like the idea of enhanced buttons, that would be a step in the right direction, quick tap and you get what you want said, maybe make one a hello all button and one a GG game button.


  6. I got 2 disikes for brovocative communication once when I was banned….
    In fact I find chat necessary but if there’s anything to replace it , it would be even better.
    For example , I was in a battle with one team mate alive and he had something like 15 hp. So I told him to go back and snipe, and I’ll engage them from a closer distance. ( can any ready made button replace that?) .


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