Lets talk Military Honor, does it work?

lets talk military honor for a minute, does it work?

In concept the idea is simplistic and beneficial, downvote the bottom feeders and praise the team players. Its a good idea but as it stands it is only a good idea in concept and really does need further improvement.

The previous iteration allowed bitter team players or enemy’s, trolls and those who enjoy a good cry to abuse the system and downvote someone for carrying them. The updated version of Military Honor saw checking procedures put in place by Wargaming to stop these unfair negative comments. This did indeed stop the trolls however it also caught in the net a huge amount of people who actually deserved a negative downvote to the extent that you see so many people with four or five stars who do not get enough downvotes.

Wargaming have kept the algorithm a secret as to how the new system works to monitor the negative feedback however one NA player posted a theory from his own experience on the forum stating that he believes “Provocative communication” is only added if multiple players from a game downvote that specific player. Now assuming this is correct for “provocative communication” it does indeed stop the trolls from manipulating the system but the back hand of this is those who deserve the down vote not getting it. If you are not on the receiving end of the rage chat you will most of the time ignore it and get on with the game, zone out etc thus don’t downvote. If the chat is just beyond a joke bad then yeah its more probably you will think that’s a bit to far and then trigger the downvote. On the other hand if you are targetted specifically by the rager etc then you are highly likely to want to downvote and rightly so, however nothing happens, you don’t see your vote added to the players account and you know its in vein. The end result is you probably wont bother to downvote players after a while due to the fact you have seen them not go onto that persons account.

So in one situation trolls succeed, in the next people who need a downvote don’t get it. so what is the solution? Well obviously They cannot manually monitor the system due to the man power required. It would cost huge amounts of money for just that one feature to be monitored. This article has only scratched the surface on flaws with this system. Others issues such as Platoon mates praising each other constantly for 100’s and in extreme cases 1000’s of votes. I’m not going to get started on “Lucky player” that has got to be the most ridiculous praise you can give…how is it even praise? it is a back handed insult.

If you asked me, I would make the system automated with no player involvement. Only as a brief example, if you’re first on the XP list after a battle have the system generate an effective player, if you’re in the next 2 positions have the system auto generate a team player. If you have moved 0 KM during the battle an AFK negative, if its once or twice no big deal it happens but this way it will be quickly apparent who the serial offenders are. For blockers send a ticket to support for a ban. Provocative communication, well in all honestly I would remove chat but I will explain that properly in another article later this week as the last time Wargaming removed the chat I don’t think it was done properly.



8 thoughts on “Lets talk Military Honor, does it work?

  1. Agreed, definitely needs work. I like your thought process for a significant change. I hardly use the down votes, praise for effective players with 3 kills or more in a battle. Cheers.


  2. Agrred mate. WG could standardize (should be possible) green team “chat” to just a few common sentences, to ensure some degree of team communication. Chat with the reds can either be totally removed or changed into only one welcome or good luck greeting, no big loss.


  3. I think some manual user interaction is still required, as being an effective out team player Osborne necessarily down to the XP gained.

    For example a player may not have done a large amount of damage, but may have used their tanks armour correctly to distract enemy fire or to shield a team mate. This type of play will not always show in XP earned. Things like inactivity, through no shots fired, 0 distance travelled could be noted automatically.

    It would be good for the negative ratings to have greater weighting, as seeing a player with 150 upvotes to 50 down, shouldn’t have a 5star rating.

    Hopefully through improvements via community feedback, this will get better


    • That’s what I mean, I wouldn’t give that play effective player, that’s a team player. I don’t deem team player to be any less than effective however they do differ and you tend to find those in the top three on xp do usually flat between the top few spots so would accrue effective and team player points 🙂


  4. There are now trolls and unicums who rage after battles, using ALT accounts, on a second device, to avoid getting downvoted and reported to WG.


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