World of Warships Blitz – Still in Soft Launch

World of Warships Blitz is a sticking point for me. I love playing this game and it is a lot of fun. The gameplay is enjoyable, intense and action packed. Whether you are trying to flick between main and secondary guns constantly or lining up torpedoes its brilliant fun and there is always something to do. Smaller maps and shorter timers you get into the action quickly but and it is a big BUT

….I cannot make as many videos as I would like to on this game. Quite simply because the game is not out yet in many countries as its still in soft launch. I really want to share videos on this game and the fun that is to be had but as it stands over 50% of comments received on these videos are people unhappy that they cannot play and they just loose interest as a result.  To be fair I don’t blame them either, your watching something you really want to play but cannot. I live in the UK and its not out in my country yet, I only have early access as as it was provided to me by Wargaming as a community contributor.

I am very pleased to be able to play the game but half the fun and excitement of playing online PvP games is the community and friends who play it, share your good games with, share your horrible stories and funny moments. That is missing for me until the game is fully launched and I cannot wait for the day the game is fully launched properly, I will certainly be aiming to provide more content and coverage on the game at that time.

If you are waiting for the game to launch fully then keep an eye on this site as I will be providing the info as soon as it is available to confirm the full launch.


One thought on “World of Warships Blitz – Still in Soft Launch

  1. The game holds promise but there are so many little problems they have yet to address.. gun lock, free lookout bar, setting a waypoint, the bots.. oh those friggin bots and sometime glitchy aiming mechanics. Maybe they should have built this game from the ground up themselves.


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