Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to my new website. The main reason for wanting to build said website was convenience for those looking for videos, reviews and guides on certain tanks. I do have playlists set up on the channel however YouTube playlists are not the greatest and easiest to navigate. I see so many messages in my comments section asking for videos on tanks however half the requests have already been done and although I provide a link in reply to these messages I realised that YouTube navigation does require patience and searching.

So what better way to organise all those videos into an easy to locate structure than a website breaking the videos down into categories. I started with a google search to see if http://www.sk8xtrm.com was available and to my surprise it was! I mean, why would nobody else want a website name complied of random abbreviated letters and numbers. So I quickly bought the domain name and set to building what you are looking at now.

While in the process of putting the site together I realised that I may not have the time to produce as many videos as I want to but I can squeeze articles and news updates in between other daily tasks. So rather than just categorise videos in an locatable format I will expand the website and use it to provide you guys up to date news and information on the games we play and all other things tanks.

I will continue to build and update the website to fully expand it over the coming weeks, at present there is not a huge amount of content here but there will be and it will all be hot of the presses news. I hope you enjoy the site and as always leave a comment or contact me via social media with any feedback.


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