IS-3 Reborn in Update 4.5

Update 4.5 will bring a newer, sleeker, sexier IS-3 to the battle fields on blitz.

The IS-3 has been in blitz since release and it looks old and tired compared to some of the newer tank models.

Check out the stunning new IS-3 currently in the common Test Server. It has more colour, more texture, an MG on top and the turret has been reshaped.


Also note that the above changed have impacted the armour on the tank with the frontal armour now reaching up to 170mm in areas and the turret edges reaching 170mm.

The Is-3 will be reborn in 4.5 and I personally cannot wait to take the old girl for a spin again!

7 thoughts on “IS-3 Reborn in Update 4.5

  1. So they can put machine guns on a tank after the fact… I dare you.. no! I double dare you Wargaming to see if you can put two machine guns on now…but here’s the kicker! Two machine guns on the same tank!

    Seriously the new IS-3 looks great. I just wish that they would put the same detail into a tank that players have paid real money for, a tank that was advertised as “the tank from the hit movie”… In other words I wish they would fix the darn Fury.

    In other news the new site looks great. Good work!


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